Monday, March 8, 2010

Pink Blossoms on a Cool March Day

Our weather has been very strange - we had a mixed bag of sorts today - frosty windshield this morning, then the sun came out and it was lovely with blue skies. Then, later in the day, drama unfolded..... it started to appeared as if little pieces of white paper drifted down from the sky; it hailed, rained and snowed.....then the sun came out as if nothing had happened. After work, I met up with Richard at his parent's house as I wanted to take photos of their lovely plum tree which is in full bloom - it is a magnificent tree that puts on a show of pink for a short while, then the blossoms disappear. Here is the tree in all its glory! It was very cool out.

Thank you for viewing. Michelle


Jo said...

Oh, Michelle, those are magnificent...!

I saw the snow yesterday too, and at first I thought it was the blossoms from the trees floating through the air, then I realized it was ... snow!

I love the blue Adirondack chair in these photos. I'm planning to get a couple for myself. They're so comfortable on a hot summer day, with a big cool glass of lemonade. :-)

Canarybird said...

Michey those are lovely photos. I can't get enough of looking at those pink plum blossoms. I also love the pink bergenias, next to the chair. I tried to grow those as I love the evergreen leaves as well the pink flowers.

And I love the closeup flower pics, especially of that pollen-covered bee climbing into a snowdrop. Precious!
Hugs xxx

Gill Bailey said...

Very pretty colours Mich, no blossoms here yet, but the weather is sure getting close.


Kiki said...

What a gorgeous blog..I love your photos of nature..stunning and inspiring!Such beauty! And i love the faery's you have on the sidebar! Magic!
Have a sparkly day!

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