Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Our Neighbourhood

I would like to share with you a couple of photos I took while out for a walk in our neighbourhood. I happened to catch sight of these darling animals while I stopped for a coffee at our local grocery store. The sheep were waiting for their master and the 'sheep dog' which had been chasing them around a large field. They seemed to be having a jolly time of it.

I now take my camera with me when I go for a walk as I never know who or what I will see along the way.

Happy November everyone and keep warm when outdoors as it certainly is chilly.

Warmest wishes to you. Michelle

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Many Colours in My Glass of Water

This is rather an unusual posting but I thought I should add it, for fun. A few weeks ago I was sitting in my living room, reading a book at the time, with my glass of water. It was a lovely day with dappled sunlight shining through the windows and a ray of sunlight happened to shine through my glass of water for a very brief moment - I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few 'fun' shots. I dabbled with the photos for special effects and this was the outcome.

Thank you for joining me here in my crazy little world ! Warmest wishes. Michelle

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Summery September Day

Summer arrived a little later than usual this year and we have enjoyed amazing weather for September. The warm summery days do not seem to end and I will find it difficult to relinquish this beautiful weather to the cooler autumn and winter months. My thoughts are still with summer, how can Thanksgiving and Halloween be just around the corner ? Oh well, they are festive and wonderful times of the year to be enjoyed by family and friends !

A couple of weeks ago while visiting family I took a few photos in their beautiful garden. My eye caught sight of a lovely pink poppy that glowed with a delicate radiance from the morning`s gentle sunlight. I was happy that I had my camera on hand at that time as the sun`s rays disappeared behind a tall cedar within minutes of taking the photo. It was a magical moment.

I would like to share these photos with you and thank you so much for visiting my website!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reflections of a Lake

A few days spent by the water's edge during the warm summer months. These moments we cherish and remember.

The morning air so fresh, the water calm as glass without a ripple in sight. We take in the morning air, coffee in hand, and quietly make our way to the dock. We sit and soak in the spectacular view all around us. The day awakens with stirrings of motor boats in the distance, a kayak glides through the crystal clear glass of water. As the sun slowly moves around in the cloudless sky, a warm gentle breeze picks up and the heat starts to penetrate. I sit under an umbrella on the dock and delve into a book or crossword puzzle. The quiet still morning has now become busy with shrills of children's laughter and splashing in the lake. Oh, what a delight, this is what summer is all about! As the sun moves further around and reflects upon the lake, I watch a show of sparkling crystals dance upon the water. I watch a rainbow of colours in the distance, a sail of a hobie-cat, as it zig-zags its way through the dancing crystals.

The sun makes its way behind the tall cedars, a soft glow fills the evening sky and paints the lake a hue of orange. We are still on the dock, awaiting a star-lit sky. Not a sound to be heard, the breeze now gone, the overhead show of stars reflect as jewels upon the crystal clear lake.

We sit on the dock and await a new day of reflection.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

A West Coast Summer

I have recently posted a short story to my other website, Relics and Tales, which I would like to share with you here. We had a very busy summer travelling through the Southern Gulf Islands (west coast of British Columbia) and visiting with family. We enjoyed a few lovely boating trips to our local islands of Saturna, Pender(s) and Salt Spring and other beautiful spots along the way. The islands are magical and we enjoy the rural and quiet environment they offer. We visited a few galleries. shops and enjoyed local organic foods from farm markets. I would like to post a few photos from our trips here.

Thank you for visiting my website. Warmest wishes. Michelle

Sailboat - en route from Pender Island(s)

Sailing regatta, Cowichan Bay

Crew at Cowichan Bay Regatta, July 2011

Crew at Cowichan Bay Regatta, July 2011

Cowichan Bay Regatta

Cowichan Bay Regatta, July 2011

Shop in Cowichan Bay

Shop in Cowichan Bay

Evening Dinner/Boat Trip from Deep Cove to Patricia Bay

Evening cocktails on the top deck

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day on Pender Island

Let me jump right into this blog posting by saying that Pender Island is one of my favourite destinations on the Southern Gulf Islands. I immediately fell in love with the island(s) during a recent visit and hope to make this little paradise a place we will visit often. The islands are very picturesque and unspoiled with views of open farmland, rolling hills, beaches, coves and forest - there are many parks on the islands to visit. I enjoyed our drive through the 'enchanted forest nature park' - it truly is 'enchanting'. Our stay on the islands was brief so we were unable to visit many of the parks. For the nature enthusiast, there are plenty of hiking trails and beaches to explore. For the artist, there are many galleries and little shops with pottery, paintings and jewellery for sale.

Richard and I had a lovely stay in a quaint cosy cottage which was tucked away in the woods of rural south Pender. Our little art studio cottage was tastefully decorated with pottery and paintings and the large picture windows framed a lovely country garden. I soaked in the fairytale ambiance of the cottage garden - so lush and green, burgeoning with life and colour; the artful garden gates with arbors and trellises supported billowing roses, grape plants and hops. I felt inspired by these surroundings. The two artists that live here, our hosts, are very kind and talented folks - we want to thank them again for our lovely stay in their cottage.

I have a few photos from our visit to Pender Island. Thank you for visiting this website, I hope you will be charmed and have a chance to visit this special place one day ! Warm wishes to you. Michelle

Cottage in the woods

Country garden

Saturday market on Pender

Community Hall on Pender

Old cottage on Pender

Port Browning marina

Port Browning marina

One of Penders many coves

Gowlland Point, south Pender Island

Hope Bay cafe and marina
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