Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tatlow's Blossoms

There is a quaint country road in our area that is a magical sight at this time of year with its pale pink blossoms, willows and white picket fence line. It is a distraction for anyone driving alongside the stand of trees where the branches are dripping in a haze of pale, almost white, blossoms. The trees are maturing and each year their show is more magnificent. I drove through this fairy-like road a few days ago and stopped to admire the view. I stood underneath one of the trees, immersed in a cloud of pale pink and white, it was beautiful! I was so happy to hear the buzzing of bees, busy at work, as I have not heard this sound for a couple of years, possibly due to the reduction in the bee population. This is a magical time of year and the beauty of nature causes me to sometimes reflect on life and the life-cycle, the seasons and the ebb and flow of nature. As the ocean, the tides roll in and roll out, the seasons roll in gracefully with renewed energy and beauty during spring and summer and roll back out during the onset of winter, only to repeat the cycle year after year. We are sad when the blossoms fall, or when the colourful autumn leaves fall to the ground - leaving a dark, barren-like environment, where life-force suddenly disappears. Rest assured, the life-force is still there and is preparing for a new year ahead.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday's Bouquet

I cannot help it. Here are a few more flower pictures! Our red camellia is in full bloom and is so lovely outside our hallway window - it is a rather large bush and is now 26 years old (same age as our daughter). The peach tree has pretty pink blossoms and the daffodils are in full display. Before our tulips show their pretty tops, I know they will quickly disappear as they are a treat for foraging deer. Ho hum.

Here are a couple of pictures I took on a lovely Sunday afternoon. Thank you for viewing, I appreciate you visiting my blog. Michelle

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mosaic Monday

I have not posted to Mosaic Monday for quite a while. Here are a couple of mosaics from my latest blossom pictures. I hope to get outdoors when the rain subsides to take more pictures. Until then, I will post these for now. Thanks for viewing! Please visit the The Little Red House website for more interesting mosaics from around the world.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

White Blossoms on a Cloudy Day

We had a sprinkling of snow yesterday, March 12, then the sun appeared and warmed the earth and our spirits. One of our plum trees is blossoming and looks so pretty against the blue sky and the cumulus clouds were quite stunning. My little camera was happy once again to snap a few pictures - where would I be without my little camera?

The west coast is a charming place to be, rain or shine. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my journal. Michelle

The plum the cherry and every tree in sight
your branches once bare, are now pink and white
It’s time to awaken from your wintery slumber
your blossoms delicate and so many to number

A gentle breeze sweeps, few raindrops fall
blossoms, not disturbed, adorn trees so tall
Your colours they shimmer against skies so blue
the plum, the cherry and the peach tree too

Your show is not finished until life force decides

when your beauty, so fleeting, quickly subsides
Thank you for this blessing and the joy you bring
from all of us and the birds that sing!
- by me (Michelle)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pink Blossoms on a Cool March Day

Our weather has been very strange - we had a mixed bag of sorts today - frosty windshield this morning, then the sun came out and it was lovely with blue skies. Then, later in the day, drama unfolded..... it started to appeared as if little pieces of white paper drifted down from the sky; it hailed, rained and snowed.....then the sun came out as if nothing had happened. After work, I met up with Richard at his parent's house as I wanted to take photos of their lovely plum tree which is in full bloom - it is a magnificent tree that puts on a show of pink for a short while, then the blossoms disappear. Here is the tree in all its glory! It was very cool out.

Thank you for viewing. Michelle

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Blossomy Evening...

Our trees are blossoming a month earlier than usual and all of Victoria is a bloomin' sight to behold! Our property is situated a little higher in elevation so our blossoms are usually a week or two behind. I ran out to our backyard yesterday evening to capture a couple of pink blossoms - they are just starting to open up. There was not much light so these pictures are a little dark.
Thanks for viewing! Michelle

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