Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reflections of a Lake

A few days spent by the water's edge during the warm summer months. These moments we cherish and remember.

The morning air so fresh, the water calm as glass without a ripple in sight. We take in the morning air, coffee in hand, and quietly make our way to the dock. We sit and soak in the spectacular view all around us. The day awakens with stirrings of motor boats in the distance, a kayak glides through the crystal clear glass of water. As the sun slowly moves around in the cloudless sky, a warm gentle breeze picks up and the heat starts to penetrate. I sit under an umbrella on the dock and delve into a book or crossword puzzle. The quiet still morning has now become busy with shrills of children's laughter and splashing in the lake. Oh, what a delight, this is what summer is all about! As the sun moves further around and reflects upon the lake, I watch a show of sparkling crystals dance upon the water. I watch a rainbow of colours in the distance, a sail of a hobie-cat, as it zig-zags its way through the dancing crystals.

The sun makes its way behind the tall cedars, a soft glow fills the evening sky and paints the lake a hue of orange. We are still on the dock, awaiting a star-lit sky. Not a sound to be heard, the breeze now gone, the overhead show of stars reflect as jewels upon the crystal clear lake.

We sit on the dock and await a new day of reflection.



Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle

Your lovely mother very kindly put a link to your Journal. I've just read your 'reflections' at the start and your words have brought a tear to my eyes so beautifully written.

Fabulous photos too - I will continue on my feast ....

Thank you.

Sheila said...

These photos are so lovely as is your description if a summer's afternoon - I'm just looking back to see what I missed - Thanks for sharing your West Coast summer. I missed a visit to the island this year.

Michelle said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, I am touched that you visited. Marion, I hope to see you again and thanks for your kind words. Sheila, I hope to meet you one day! Hugs to you both. Michelle

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