Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day on Pender Island

Let me jump right into this blog posting by saying that Pender Island is one of my favourite destinations on the Southern Gulf Islands. I immediately fell in love with the island(s) during a recent visit and hope to make this little paradise a place we will visit often. The islands are very picturesque and unspoiled with views of open farmland, rolling hills, beaches, coves and forest - there are many parks on the islands to visit. I enjoyed our drive through the 'enchanted forest nature park' - it truly is 'enchanting'. Our stay on the islands was brief so we were unable to visit many of the parks. For the nature enthusiast, there are plenty of hiking trails and beaches to explore. For the artist, there are many galleries and little shops with pottery, paintings and jewellery for sale.

Richard and I had a lovely stay in a quaint cosy cottage which was tucked away in the woods of rural south Pender. Our little art studio cottage was tastefully decorated with pottery and paintings and the large picture windows framed a lovely country garden. I soaked in the fairytale ambiance of the cottage garden - so lush and green, burgeoning with life and colour; the artful garden gates with arbors and trellises supported billowing roses, grape plants and hops. I felt inspired by these surroundings. The two artists that live here, our hosts, are very kind and talented folks - we want to thank them again for our lovely stay in their cottage.

I have a few photos from our visit to Pender Island. Thank you for visiting this website, I hope you will be charmed and have a chance to visit this special place one day ! Warm wishes to you. Michelle

Cottage in the woods

Country garden

Saturday market on Pender

Community Hall on Pender

Old cottage on Pender

Port Browning marina

Port Browning marina

One of Penders many coves

Gowlland Point, south Pender Island

Hope Bay cafe and marina

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Gardeningbren said...

Oh..such happy memories. Your photos are beautiful and it makes me long to return. Thank you. Maybe soon ;-)

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