Tuesday, November 30, 2010

By the Fireside

Hello everyone! Farewell to November and a warm welcome to December. This past month was somewhat eventful here on Vancouver Island with howling and chilling winds, snow and rainfall. I was not too keen to venture outdoors these past two weeks and have been rather happy to stay indoors by the fireside! I made up plenty of hot soups and stews to keep our family warm and nourished. We also enjoyed some wonderful meals with our family and friends. Now my thoughts are on Christmas and all the baking, cooking, crafting and decorating that will take up much time over the next month! I do love it though and I feel inspired and creative during this time of year. My Christmas cookbooks are laid out on my kitchen table, favourite recipes are bookmarked and boxes of decorations are stacked in our hallway - all the trinkets ready for their display. I want to wish everyone a happy December 1st (tomorrow) and I hope everyone is beginning to feel the Christmas spirit. May the glow of Christmas come from time we spend with loved ones, our family and dear friends, and those special to us. Take time to relax.

Here is a cat that knows what the meaning of Christmas is all about!! Sit on a favourite chair by the fireside, close your eyes and dream ! The fuzzy cat belongs to my husband's parents, she has run of their house - beware if anyone attempts to sit in her favourite chair by the fireside!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

All that Glitters.....

Hello everyone! Happy November 1st and greetings from rainy Vancouver Island. I would like to share with you my latest treasure which I recently discovered in one of Victoria's thrift stores. On occasion, I enjoy stepping into a couple of thrift stores in hopes of finding unusual 'things', which I do not need, but rather enjoy. It seems that I am incurably addicted to sparkly brass and become rather weak in the knees when I see old brass candlesticks. I also love bells and have a small collection which I enjoy listening to - or for decoration. Oh dear. I am certain this 'condition' will soon pass and I will recover. In the meantime, I will keep on collecting until I have no room in our house. I welcome any advice on how to overcome this plight. Thank you!

This blog entry is a little different than my previous entries, but, it is all in fun and that is what we are here for at "Mich's West Coast Journal". We must have fun and do what makes us happy - right !

Here are a couple of brass bells and candlestick photos! Thank you for visiting and sharing in the fun. Warmest wishes. Michelle

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