Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkins and Apples

Hello again! Apologies for my absence these past few months. I have been working on my other blog "Relics and Tales" - you will often find me over there. I have not forgotten "Mich's West Coast Journal" as I love to spend time here to read other blogs and be inspired by creative ideas and adventures. Now that we are in the Fall season, I feel inspired to crochet - a hobby I have enjoyed since childhood. The choice of beautiful yarns is sometimes overwhelming - the variety of textures and colours of yarns sends my mind into a creative frenzy. I often start to crochet and become so immersed into it that I forget about the world around me! I feel happy surrounded by colourful yarns. The autumnal colours of Fall are part of this creative inspiration.

2010 seems like a blur, where did it go? We are now in the middle of my favourite season (apart from Spring). The trees are glowing in golden and red hues, there is a slight chill in the air. I see pumpkins in the fields and in the stores - a reminder of Halloween and other autumn festivities. This time of the year conjures up images of pumpkin pie and apple crisp, cool brisk walks in the great outdoors, and happy occasions with family and friends. I would like to post a few pumpkin photos which I took last year and to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

Thank you for visiting me here. Warm wishes to everyone! Michelle

Pumpkins on our Bench

Giant Pumpkin - Wave Hill Farm, Salt Spring Island

Giant pumpkin - Wave Hill Farm, Salt Spring Island

Field of Pumpkins - Saanichton


Oh fairies, pixies and elves tonight
do not venture out or you may get a fright
‘tis an evening for witches on broomsticks to fly
and phantoms to whisper and gently drift by
do not be frightened by the lament of groaning trees
or the screeching owl or rustling of leaves
uneasy winds rattle doors and swing lonely gates
causing villains and goblins to run in haste
shadows are cast and the moon is aglow
this evening is ready for its spooky show
oh jack-o-lanterns help light the way through
this dark and chilling night
protect fairies, pixies and elves
from too frightening a sight!
- by Michelle (me)

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