Monday, August 9, 2010

Sojourn to Saturna Island

Hello everyone! I have not posted for a while as it has been a very busy and rather enjoyable summer here on the west coast. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer - wherever you may be in this world! We had a lovely boat trip with family over to Saturna Island, another one of our beautiful Gulf Islands in British Columbia. My husband's cousin invited us to join them for a visit to the Saturna winery and spend the weekend aboard their 40 ft classic wooden boat. What a fun time we had! After tying the boat at the Saturna dock, we ambled our way to the winery. The extensive 60-acres of vineyards, rolling hills of vines and sparking ocean beyond, reminded me of the Mediterranean. It was a warm day with blue skies, not a cloud hovered in sight. We eventually made our way to the winery, sampled their local wines and enjoyed a light lunch out on the deck. View of vineyards and ocean, fun conversation with cousins Kim and Gail, made it a most wonderful and enjoyable afternoon. The day did not end there.....

We staggered back (just kidding) to the boat and made our way to Maple Bay where we spent a most enjoyable afternoon on the dock - swim in the ocean, barbecue and evening of laughter and conversation. We spent the night on board the boat. The following morning after a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs, we ventured out for a walk. I was more than happy about not meeting up with bears or cougars along the pathway, but we did meet up with a few llamas! Fergus, the dog, and the group of llamas were very curious about each other - they exchanged a few glances then we continued on our merry walk. We stopped along the way and had coffee with neighbours, then headed back to the boat. The men went for a swim and lingered by waters' edge for a few hours, reminisced about old times....then it was time to leave.

I will post a few photos from our trip. Thanks for viewing and happy summer everyone!

Kim at the helm

Portion of the Saturna vineyard

Sampling room

Patio overlooking the vineyards and ocean

Visitors enjoying glasses of wine and lunch

Spectacular ocean view

Gail - on her way back to the boat

Near Maple Bay

Off we go for a ride in Eva - Kim's small boat

Mt. Baker looming in the distance
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