Monday, May 24, 2010

May Day in our Garden

Greetings everyone! Today is Victoria Day and we have a long weekend holiday. I was asked by another gardening blogger the name of a buddleia plant in our garden, it is an unusual buddleia that has orange globe-shaped flowers rather than the usual cone-shaped panicles. It is a hardy plant and the bees love it. I took a few photos yesterday and would like to share them with you. There is quite a lot of information on the Internet about the orange globe buddleia, or buddleia globosa. It is an attractive bush and adds much charm to the garden.

I was playing around with a virtual art program and distorted some of my photos - I had fun playing around with this art program. I will include a few of my own 'virtual art' watercolours (at the bottom of this posting) for Mosaic Monday at the dear Little Red House. Thank you for hosting many wonderful blogs and very talented folks.

Thank you for viewing my photos and happy Victoria Day. Michelle

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Wet Coast Day in May

It has been cool and wet this month of May. I am happy for the rain as our garden has been very dry. The rain did subside for a short while today and I took the opportunity to take a few photos in our back property. The white lilac is blooming and the buddleias are just starting to flower. I caught sight of bees in the lavender. The kale, Swiss chard and lettuce, which I planted by seed not long ago, will soon be ready for picking. Some areas where I weeded only a few days ago are now in need of weeding again! Oh well, I guess weeds have their place in this world too! Some weeds are edible and provide nutrition and other health benefits. I would like to share with you my photographs from today.

Happy month of May everyone and thank you for viewing my website.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Croton - Beautiful Plant

We have a beautiful Croton (no, not an alien - a tropical plant with a funny name) in our sun room that is so colourful and beautiful - it is a focal point in our sun room. The sun shines in and casts a warm light upon the plant's beautiful green, yellow and pink leaves. It is surrounded by windows that look out to our back property where the background is lush and green with Springs new growth and new foliage on trees. I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with happiness at this time of year. For some reason as each year passes me by, I fall more in love with nature - plants, trees, flowers, weeds, birds, some bugs (not all), all of nature's gifts that thrive and live in a natural environment. I feel very fortunate to be part of it all.

I grabbed my camera one afternoon, while the sun was shining through our sun room, to photograph underneath the leaves of our Croton. I was amazed at the colour and intricacy of each leaf! There is another world happening inside of each leaf.

Here are a few photos which my camera and I took that afternoon. Thank you for viewing! These aren't 'flowers' but 'leaves' this time! My best wishes to you all. Michelle

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mother's Day Wish

A Mother’s Day Wish
- by Michelle (me)

Time to honour and to say a big thank-you
To our Mothers, Grandmothers and our Great ones too
Not to forget those special women in our lives
Our neighbour, our aunts, our sisters and friends
Whose love and kindness knows no end

These special women have guided us through our years
From infants to adults, with much laughter, some tears
Watching over and guiding, always keeping in mind
To be considerate of others, and always be kind

For our world is made a much better place
When one is taught through compassion, gentleness and grace
These traits of a Mother are synonymous and true
As a beacon of light that guides us through

My Mother’s Day wish is full of love
To our Mothers, Grandmothers and our Great ones, now above
To our children, their children, and generations yet to be
A Mother’s love knows no bounds when it comes to family
I embrace you with warm and gentle loving arms
And wish for your happiness…..thank you dear Moms

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joy's Tulips

I love tulips! They are so pretty, vibrant and such a cheerful introduction to Spring. Most of our cheery tulips vanished to foraging deer, they seem to delight in them as well! Oh dear. I was lucky to have the opportunity to take a few photos of Spring tulips at my mother-in-law's house. Thank you Joy for sharing your beautiful tulips.

I want to dedicate this blog entry to our Mothers and to the special women who have influenced our lives. Thank you to our Mothers for their unrelenting love, kindness and wisdom throughout our lives. We would not be where we are today without your guidance and encouragement. Thank you Moms for keeping the peace, giving advice when needed, providing a shoulder to cry on and for sharing so many happy times together. We look forward to so many more happy times ahead! We love you!!

Happy Mother's Day from all of us. Michelle

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