Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wind Storm on the West Coast

Our west coast was hit by a big wind storm a couple of days ago and it was very blustery! Fortunately, we had no damage and survived the storm okay, our power did not go out but there were broken branches and debris scattered everywhere. It was a day to be indoors by the fireside, book in hand. My husband asked if I was interested in going out for a walk that day (we live in a rural place with many tall firs and cedars) - I declined the walk! Certain parts on Vancouver Island were not as fortunate and suffered much damage and power outages. My heart goes to the folks in Mill Bay whose boats were destroyed and where looters went in to steal.

There is a stillness in the air now and the trees aren't swaying to and fro. The birds were merrily singing this morning as we sat outside with our coffee. I just hope and pray that bird nests were not disturbed in the violent storm.

Best wishes to everyone! Happy Easter. Thanks for visiting my website. Michelle

The wind it howls, the wind it blows
A mighty outburst it bestows
Through trees, through hilltops
It finds its way
The tempest swept our island today

The cedars creek, the firs they bend
When will this frenzy ever end
Disturbed from quiet upon their sleep
Winged critters take refuge in forests deep

An open rage against the sea
The tug and sail are now set free
Quaint harbours once a pretty sight
Are battered and torn, a woeful plight

This day now past, the tempest gone

Its anger made a show
It now gently whispers
It's time for us to go

- a poem by Michelle (me)

1 comment:

aka Penelope said...

It was, indeed, a wild introduction to the Easter weekend that unfortunately caused some damage. Your rhythmic poem paints a clear picture of the turbulent beginnings that ended in calm.

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