Monday, April 12, 2010

Gumboot Mama

This journal entry is a little different than most. I am having some difficulty here as I will not be adding colourful flower photos. There will be more opportunity to add nature's beauty in future postings. I want to write about 'gumboots' - a silly subject but rather delightful too! The other day I was looking at my gumboots and thinking what great companions they are to me. My gumboots, or wellies, are there for me when I need them - I slip into them before heading outside and they keep my feet warm and dry on those nasty wet days. I have even ventured into town wearing them! How can I forget some years ago, my son was horrified to see me wearing gumboots before our trip to town - the look of shock and embarrassment was too funny. My son, Stephen, pleaded with me to change my shoes. I did change them as I did not want to embarrass him. When on my own, I don't worry what others may think - gumboots, big woolly sweater, and wind-tousled hair - call me 'Gumboot Mama'!

Well, I wrote another poem, inspired by my boots of course! I would like to share it with you. Thank you for viewing my website, I really do appreciate it when you pop in to visit. Michelle

"Gumboot Mama"
by Michelle (me)

I’m a gumboot mama

And I am proud to say
I wear my gummies at work or play
With dress or slacks they wear so well
Town folk call me the country belle

My son embarrassed, how can it be
When we travel to town, wellies and me
Oh please Mama, change your shoes
Dressy or casual, I’ll help you choose

I’ll wear a parka, long, past the knee
Don’t feel embarrassed to be seen with me
Please son walk along my side
Not behind or in front to hide

Comfort and warmth is what I seek
For no other shoe can truly beat
These green rubbery boots of mine
Which match my woolly dress just fine

My feet stay warm, my feet stay dry
Through puddled lanes and marsh nearby
On muddy grounds the bottoms stick
They squish through layers of mud so thick

One time my boot it stayed behind
Bare foot slipped out, it felt unkind
On ground so cold, so damp and deep
The oozing mud and dung of sheep

The fields and lanes will soon be dry
Too warm for wellie friends and I
We’ll soon depart, a sorrowful thought
But we’ll meet again, when it’s not so hot

For now let's take a walk to town
In cool morning air of early dawn
Kind gestures and smiles from town folk I see
For the gumboot mama, green wellies…. that’s me !

Gumboot dancing, which originated in South Africa, would be a wonderful dance to learn for us west coast folks that enjoy wearing gumboots. Click here for a small glimpse of 'gumboot dancing'.

For a brief history of gumboots....please click here. Thank you.


aka Penelope said...

Gumboots are, indeed, fabulous foot wear for much of BC weather. That is a fine illustration! And the poem you wrote is an enjoyable read. I also checked out your link and was amazed to see such an energetic dance with NOT one single boot flying off.

Anonymous said...

You combine a sense of poetry with a real sense of humor.
I like very much your poem.
I wish you a happy weekend.

Hélène -

Nikki Tate-Stratton said...

Oh where would we be without our Wellies? Great post - thanks!

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