Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Day in My Garden

I had a lovely day in my garden today. I paused from daily chores to enjoy the sun's warmth on my face and noticed bumble bees, birds and the two resident rabbits enjoying the sun as well. True happiness. Fortunately, I had camera in hand and took a couple of photos, which I will add here. I believe nothing in this world gives me more pleasure (besides spending time with my husband and family) than to be outdoors. I feel it is important to pause from the everyday nonsense and rigmarole that so often takes a hold of us and which can slowly drain a person of energy. Take a breather - get outdoors and spend a moment, or two, to observe what is around you - the singing bird, the bumble bee immersed in a flower, the colour of the flower, the blue sky. This was my day today. Oh yes, I did manage to do a little gardening!

Here are a couple of photos I took this afternoon. Thanks for viewing! Michelle


Jo said...

Those photos are exquisite...!

Bumble bees in February? Good grief, what is going on???

You live in the most beautiful place on earth -- well next to the Canary Islands, that is. :-)



debsgarden said...

Hi Michelle, You have such a lovely garden with a wonderful, peaceful feel. Your close-up photos are amazing. I got a link to your site from your mom. She said my garden reminded her of yours! My son lives in Oregon, so I have visited that area some. The Pacific Northwest has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I live in the southeast part of USA in Alabama, zone 7b. I have 3.5 partially wooded acres and I do love the woodlands.

Stephanie said...

Again more gorgeous macros of your flowers!!!! The daffodils and tulips are slowly coming up here. We are north of you so we are probably a wee bit behind you. I love spring!

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