Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Collecting and saving food seeds

Just a quick blog entry here as I would like to share this website with those interested in saving plant seeds. These short clips come from Salt Spring Island. It is a beautiful February morning here on the west coast and I have some gardening to do today - I must take advantage of our sunny weather. The weather man said this is the warmest winter we have had in approximately 130 years! I love it! Not good for the Vancouver winter Olympics though.

Here is the website mentioned above - please click on the left-side links to see the short video clips. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing. Michelle

Seed saving videos from Raven


Lavender Cottage said...

Thank you visiting LC. Wonderful flower photos and info you are blogging about.
It's always nice to see the beauty of another province.

joey said...

Though not ideal weather, Vancouver is a beautiful host for the amazing Olympics! Seedy spring thoughts :)

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