Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feels Like Spring

Here I am on my computer and it is a beautiful sunny day. We sat outside - Richard, our cat and I - with our cup of coffee this morning and it was so nice to feel the warmth of the sun. Blossoms are now appearing on the trees. It is time to start thinking about the garden and what to plant for the summer and winter ahead. I am not an avid gardener but do enjoy growing a few vegetables and love my perennials that faithfully show themselves every year. We share our garden with a few bunnies, raccoons and deer - they do help themselves and make a mess of things - very disappointing at times. Both Richard and I truly love our little piece of paradise here, there is nothing more satisfying than spending time with nature. I recently ordered a few seeds from a wonderful seed supplier on Salt Spring Island - I highly recommend their seeds for anyone interested in heritage and heirloom seeds and for those that are interested in saving seeds for our future - something very important to think about nowadays. Unfortunately, these seeds cannot be ordered through the U.S. but their website does recommend a couple of places in the U.S. where you can find heritage seeds. Here is the link to their website: Salt Spring Seeds

I made up a couple of collages from pictures taken last year. I look forward to a new year ahead with lots of new photos! Thanks for viewing. Michelle

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LDH said...

Very beautiful mosaics!

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