Monday, January 11, 2010

Creative Inspiration

The new year is here and I feel a renewed sense of inspiration, creative energy and hope for the months ahead . I feel a warm glow inside and am happy. I have a wonderful husband and family and am truly blessed to have them in my life. I look forward to a new 'blogging' year and hope to meet other bloggers that share my enthusiasm for life. We are fortunate to have this opportunity to share and learn from each other and to express our creative ideas through writing, photography, music, gardening, recipes, paintings and so much more - these are so important to our nurturing, well-being and happiness. Thank you dear blogger for sharing your stories and inspirations. I look forward to our year ahead.

The following images were taken late this evening - I was experimenting! It is a time of year when the days are shorter and I rather enjoy the cosiness of indoors. I feel inspired by rich and warm colours of wood, wools and leather - anber, golden and dark browns. These are my hearth-side colours that keep me warm. Thank you for viewing. Michelle

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