Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photo Collages

I have been having fun lately putting together a group of collages with a few of my older photos - some of which can been seen throughout this blog. These pictures I took on Savary Island, it is a magical place with amazing plant life and beautiful old-growth trees. I have taken hundreds of photos there over the years and will probably take hundreds more in the years to come. Please note the 'nude beach' sign is for 'fun' only - the locals of Savary Island have some interesting signs posted throughout the island! I wish I had more photos of their locally made street signs as they are quite charming - my favourite sign on Savary reads "please drive slowly, Grandparents playing".

The island is almost tropical with white sandy beaches (you can read about it in my previous posts) - and is lush with vegetation. The month of May is a beautiful time of year to visit the island as it becomes so green and lush with new plants, the Spanish broom is in bloom, wildflowers and floxglove are bursting forth and the verdant forests and meadows almost glow and shimmer in the sunlight. The tall green grasses and billowing ferns adorn pathways and small narrow roadways. Towering old cedars and firs stand like wise and proud old souls, truly worthy of such veneration and respect. Our First Nations people were once established on this island and were able to live from the fish and plant life here - how serene and healthy a lifestyle.

I cannot capture the full beauty of this island with my photos but they do offer a small glimpse.

Thank you. Michelle


Canarybird said...

Your collages are turning out really well Mich!

madblooms said...

Beautiful photos! I visited Vancouver with my Grandmother when I was 12. I hope to go back someday to sight see some more! Thanks for the blog and welcome to blotanical!

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