Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hints of Christmas

I cannot believe there are so few days left of November and it is countdown to Christmas! I love this season and all the joy that accompanies this time of year. Out come the decorations ( it seems only a short while ago we packed them all away) and up go the colourful lights; cedar boughs, berries and all the beautiful Christmassy greenery from outdoors are collected for making wreaths. It is also time to start planning for baking of mince and cranberry tarts, lemon curd, shortbread and stollen - only to mention a few! I enjoy most of all the gathering of family and friends and watching children as they revel in all the excitement - it is a magical time for many of us. The joy of sharing and helping others is the greatest gift of all. My wish for this season is for happiness and love for all.

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