Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whimsical Memories

One of my favourite childhood artists was Cicely Mary Barker, born in Croydon, Surrey, England. Her artwork fascinated me as a child and took my imagination to wonderful places - I believed every flower and plant was inhabited by a special garden fairy and that they protected our flowers and trees. I was careful never to step on or pick any flowers from the garden! As a mature adult, I am still fascinated by her whimsical artwork and have passed along, through books and stories, the fascination of this art to my daughter and nieces. I do not usually express my whimsical thoughts about fairy art to anyone but thought it might be fun and delightful for this journal posting. Though I would love to post all of her illustrations, I will post only a few here. Thank you for viewing. Michelle

All illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker


Canarybird said...

Lovely Michelle! I remember well those paintings in childrens' books and also believed there werefairies in the flowers when I was small.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

I actually have the Primrose Fairy (not original, I am sure cut from a book). I bought it at a print shop, and just love it.

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