Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Salt Spring Apple Festival

'Tis the season for rolling in apples! I was reminded the other day of the Apple Festival on Salt Spring Island while listening to the CBC All Points West radio station on my way home from work - I was so happy to be reminded as I did not want to miss this yearly event - and it was a very good reason to visit my favourite island. Salt Spring Island is known for its heritage apples, more than 350 varieties that are grown organically. Though the festival is over, here is a link to the event with a few highlights from previous years and upcoming events....... Salt Spring Island Apple Festival (note: link updated 2010).

The weather has been amazing these past few weeks - blue skies and sunshine - it was perfect for the apple festival - and for a motorbike ride to the island! We caught the morning ferry from Swartz Bay which took us to Fulford Harbour - only minutes away from the Fulford Community Hall where we started our apple journey. Though we were pressed for time (no pun intended!) and could not visit all the different venues - we did manage to see a few apples! Richard was thinking ' cider.....' and I was thinking ' pie.....'! The pies looked delicious but the line-up of hungry patrons was a little overwhelming for me. I did manage to sample a piece of apple cake at the Apple Luscious Organic Farm and some goat's cheese topped with apple and blackberries. It was a lovely ambiance and there were moments when I felt I was back in the Mediterranean countryside, where I once lived. I especially loved to see the children running about and the warm smiles on faces. It was a magical day for the both of us.

I will post a few pictures of the day in my journal (blog) and will try to include any notes of where and what they are of. We were not able to visit all farms and orchards listed on the tour - so sad - as there were too many to view in one day. One place I would like to include here is the Foxglove Farm - I have added the link for you to read. Thank you for viewing! Michelle

Sampling the Goodies!

Apple Luscious Farm Heritage Apples

Fulford Community Hall - Heritage Apples

Fulford Community Hall - Apple Pies

Wave Hill Farm - click to view website

Watching the Chickens at Wave Hill Farm

Ruckle Farm - one of B.C.'s Oldest Working Farms

Ruckle Homestead - click photo to enlarge

Ruckle Farm Homestead - Today

Ruckle Farm Apple and Pear Trees - over 100 yrs old

Highland Cattle - Ruckle Farm

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Nikki Tate-Stratton said...

How cool that you were able to make it over to Saltspring! I had hoped to go but wound up accidentally double-booking myself. The photos you posted are great! (though, they're not making me feel any better about missing out!)

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