Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Glorious Pumpkin

A couple of days ago my daughter and I ventured out in the car and we stopped along the way to admire a couple of lovely sights. We spotted a pumpkin field, a vast field of orange as far as the eye could see. The pumpkins were ready for picking - some large and plump, others small and delicate. Amidst the orange field were pumpkin pickers, parents with children - each examining these orange delights to find the perfect one to take home - for pumpkin pies and upcoming Halloween. I love this time of year, I wish it would not end!

Pumpkin Pie - click here for recipe
(courtesy of 'Sunshine Farm' in Kelowna)

These pumpkins were made into 'pumpkin ale'

My husband loves to make beer - one of his favourite hobbies. Every year during harvest season he gathers up pumpkins to make a home-brew of pumpkin ale. These four pumpkins were the victims. I wish I had taken photos of his beer-making, it would have been a perfect addition to this post - next year! I will try and remember to take photos of him brewing 'cranberry-ale' - coming up for the Christmas season.

Autumn Maple

Japanese Maple and Ferns

Autumn Colour

A giant orange pumpkin is pleasing to behold.
More than just a lowly squash;
possibilities unfold

It can decorate an entryway,
eliciting a welcome,
or, as a quick-change artist,
become a Jack-O- lantern.

Roasted pumpkin seeds;
a delicious, salty treat.
The insides of the pumpkin
convert to something sweet.

A smooth and creamy filling,
add sugar, spice and cream.
Spill into crusty dough,
creating a dessert supreme.

I overlook the main course, impatient for the prize.
My favorite treat the year 'round

homemade pumpkin pie

-Carol Gioia


Danielle Noel said...

Those pumpkin pictures are amazing mom! You are becoming a great photographer!! XOXOX

fresh365 said...

Homemade pumpkin ale? That is so fun! I would love to see the cranberry photos. I would love even more to taste it!

Catherine said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm so pleased that you came across Sunshine Farm's pumpkin pie recipe. I have yet to try it with squash - it sure sounds fantastic! You had asked about BC organic farms in your message on my blog: here's a website you may like, http://www.certifiedorganic.bc.ca/. You'll see on the right hand side that you can search by region. Great photos, by the way!
Catherine at Tourism Kelowna

Sue Swift said...

Best pumpkin photos I've seen this halloween!

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