Saturday, October 3, 2009


With the Fall season we see pumpkins, apples, squashes of all kinds, trees changing their hues to golden yellow, reds and browns...everywhere can also be seen the delightful and colourful chrysanthemums! I love the variety of colour and daisy look of these plants. They are interesting and certainly add to the autumny feel in a garden and are a warm welcome to this season. I was reading the history and uses of chrysanthemums through Wikipedia and it is an interesting read - have a glance when you get a chance. The other day my daughter and I visited a local nursery in Victoria and we had a little fun in the chrysanthemum section - fortunately I had my camera with me. I will post some, not all, of the pictures we took. Not only does variety of colour and form of these beautiful plants surprise me but the complex design of each flower and petal when seen close up never ceases to amaze me. I have a few of these lovely flowers potted in my back garden and front of the house - they blend in nicely with my other potted plants and offer a splash of warm colour. Happy Fall everyone.........thank you for viewing. Michelle


Nikki Tate-Stratton said...

Hi Michelle-
thanks for your note - we have a lot of fun chatting on APW each week. Your photos are lovely! I've added your blog to the list of those I follow -

Michelle said...

Hello Nikki. Thank you! We must be blogging at the same time! I love your blog! Cheerio. Michelle

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