Monday, September 21, 2009

Grapes of Summer

The grapes of summer are ready for picking - harvest season is upon us and these are the last few days of summer. The days are still quite warm and the evenings are cooler - but still warm enough for outdoor barbecues! These grapes were so pretty last evening with the sun bathing them with its last rays of the day. Though it was quite dark and I did not want to use my flash, I will post these in my journal as the "grapes of summer". Thank you for viewing. Michelle


Selena said...

Hi, Michelle. My name is Selena. I'm from Tenerife and I've been living in a tiny community called Alert Bay at the North of Vancouver Island for over four years. It's hard for me to explain the wonders, We've got here. But your pictures describe perfectly as a little mirror to show the world how blessed we are to live here. Take care.


Michelle said...

Dear Selena. Thank you for your comment, very kind of you. You are from Tenerife? I lived there for many years and my mother lives there now - how coincidental! How did you come to Alert Bay?

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