Monday, August 17, 2009

My Red Helmet

Well, I have been busy these past few weeks. Here I am again. On Sunday, August 16th, Richard and I ventured off to Victoria on the motorcycle - we had such a wonderful time. I was able to finally wear my new red motorcycle helmet! It was a red car day too at the Oak Bay vintage car show. Of course, there were many styles and colours of cars on display that day. The weather was ideal for such an occasion and the sun glistened and sparkled upon rows of chrome and polished hoods. Music of the fifties was playing in the background, imitation Elvis was swinging away upon his little platform - while some onlookers tapped a foot or two and others took full swing on the paved dance floor. We walked by all the various events and 'ooed and awwed' our way past rows of vintage cars. I had visions of Richard and I driving off in the Aston Martin. I guess a few photos of this dream car would have to do! We snuck into the Penny Farthing Pub for a refreshing pint on that warm and fine afternoon. Here are a few 'red' cars from that Sunday. To see more styles and colours, please view the slideshow by clicking on Betty Boop.
Thank you for viewing!

1 comment:

Canarybird said...

Great photos Mich but I missed seeing your new red motorcycle helmet!


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