Friday, May 15, 2009

My Spring Garden

My garden is wild and free. It is not manicured, without weeds and has no tight borders around flowers and shrubs. It is our haven (and small piece of heaven) from the outside world and offers us protection with its blanket of green; its tall firs, cedars and arbutus surround us with their dignity and secure us within their compounds. Patches of perennials, awakened from winter's slumber, become overgrown and crowded - but still a pretty sight in this garden that is wild and free. The grass is so alive and it too grows with haste - time to dust off the lawn mower from it's winter rest! It is such a joyous time of year for us all, so fresh and invigorating and a welcome change from cold and grey. Mother nature is at work and the winter silence has been broken by the hustle and bustle - not to forget rustle - of feathered creatures.

Tree blossoms come for a short while then float away, like downy snow. I capture these beautiful moments, in mind, and wish they would last. Spring is here and in its midst. I plant young seedlings and many seeds with hope that the soil with provide them nourishment and care. Lettuce, swiss chard, kale and snow-peas are sprouting - a spying rabbit, hidden in the tall grass, is waiting and watching.......tired of dandelions! Oh well, he cannot get into the garden with its guarding fence - grass and dandelions will have to do. The sun is going down now and is time to end this beautiful day. Rest well dear bunnies and birds, I certainly will! Look forward to the new day tomorrow, so much to look forward to in this garden so wild and free!


veggie patch

forest man

rhubarb patch

sweet rockets

hardy geranium, cranesbill

Himalayan musk rose

rambling rose


wild mix


Sujay said...

Nice snaps, Michelle...but I havn't travelled much tho'.

Gill Bailey said...

Lovely and welcoming as usual I do love th sunflowers, going out to buy some right are making me go shopping...........Love ya sis!


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