Monday, September 19, 2011

A Summery September Day

Summer arrived a little later than usual this year and we have enjoyed amazing weather for September. The warm summery days do not seem to end and I will find it difficult to relinquish this beautiful weather to the cooler autumn and winter months. My thoughts are still with summer, how can Thanksgiving and Halloween be just around the corner ? Oh well, they are festive and wonderful times of the year to be enjoyed by family and friends !

A couple of weeks ago while visiting family I took a few photos in their beautiful garden. My eye caught sight of a lovely pink poppy that glowed with a delicate radiance from the morning`s gentle sunlight. I was happy that I had my camera on hand at that time as the sun`s rays disappeared behind a tall cedar within minutes of taking the photo. It was a magical moment.

I would like to share these photos with you and thank you so much for visiting my website!


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