Sunday, July 4, 2010

Colourful Salt Spring Market

ItalicBreakfast at Barb's Buns Cafe in Ganges, Salt Spring

We had a lovely weekend here on the west coast. This was the first weekend of July and a time of celebration for many. Saturday was warm and sunny, for a change! My daughter and I ventured over to Salt Spring Island, one of our favourite destinations which is only forty-five minutes from our front door. We often travel there for a days visit or stay a few days for a short getaway. Saturday is busy and bustling with artisans and shoppers at the Ganges market, it is a marvelous event and is fun for folks of every age. Our first visit on Salt Spring was to Barb's Buns Cafe for a leisurely breakfast and to purchase coffee beans and few goodies from their bakery. The market was our next destination - a colourful and cheerful place to be! We enjoyed live music in the park and a stroll along the harbourside boardwalk. The lovely park looks out to Ganges harbour, a Mediterranean setting with charming view, dotted with sailboats and a gentle breeze blowing through. There are cafes, restaurants and food kiosks - a plethora of food venues to suit the hungry visitor. It was another lovely visit to the island. I always look forward to the sights, sounds and scents that tantalize the senses. I had my fill of lavender scent, ocean breeze, colourful artisan kiosks and world beat music for one day - I will be ready for it again soon!! Thanks for visiting me here, I enjoy sharing this with you. My warmest wishes to everyone. Michelle.

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