Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween !

Oh fairies, pixies and elves tonight
do not venture out or you may get a fright
‘tis an evening for witches on broomsticks to fly
and phantoms to whisper and gently drift by
do not be frightened by the lament of groaning trees
or the screeching owl or rustling of leaves
uneasy winds rattle doors and swing lonely gates
causing villains and goblins to run in haste
shadows are cast and the moon is aglow
this evening is ready for its spooky show
oh jack-o-lanterns help light the way through
this dark and chilling night
protect fairies, pixies and elves
from too frightening a sight!
- by Michelle (me)


Scott & Liz said...

"phantoms to whisper"...Great job, Michelle.
Found yu through Blotanical. I'll be back
See ya, Scott

Rosey Pollen said...

And I found you through Scott. :)
Great cards. I love vintage art.

Flowers said...

Now halloween end and the great christmas season starts. Anxiously waiting for the shopping season. Still Enjoyed your blog very much.

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